Quarantine Challenge

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

You’ve seen the title, but you are still wondering what it is. I’ll explain it to you, since most schools and businesses have been closed, and we are staying at home doing something a bit boring. So once a week, my dad will set me a challenge which other pupils my contribute in, it may be the following things: an activity that involves fitness, a mixture of cooking and baking, a design and technology activity and an adventure outside the house.

Different Challenges

Every Sunday, my dad will set family members and friends to a challenge. For Example, who can make the Fried Egg, the winner would get a prize and the loser would do a forfeit. The challenge could be anything so be prepared to be tested.

At the end I will make a Google sheet where you put if you own or loss, this challenge will go on for the rest of April. Make sure to use the form or else your score won't be recorded.


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